Missing In Action?

06-teacher-with-students-doubts-04I kind of feel like I owe someone (out there) a quick explanation of why three months passed without any posting on the blog.

Actually, this blog resided somewhere else. It was one of those blogs that no one bothered to look at besides friends, mainly because I was loath to spend time on social platforms promoting the site. My schedule did not allow for much more than a quick post to FB and then move on to something else.

Some time near the end of 2014, I finished writing a short handbook called “Verbs in the Universe of Discourse”, which I had already discussed in several posts in the blog. I then embarked upon the task of creating a series of videos as training material to accompany that book. The posts that are “missing in action” from mid-February to mid-May are actually just links to those videos on YouTube. At this writing (December 2016, though the date I’ll assign will be 2015 so that it falls into its slot in the postings), those videos are still up on YouTube, though I will be taking them down one after another as I remake them.

What happened, really, is that I began guest writing for a blog, added a link to my blog in my bio, and just a couple of weeks ago, got three subscribers. Wow, never had a subscriber before. I happily let them know that I was pleased. I even got excited enough to post something new on the blog that I had been neglecting for a while. However, that new posting did not end up in my mail box (I also subscribe to make sure everything goes well). What was up?

Well, seems that the site that I had spend hours upon creating a beautiful blog for my theme of Interpretive ESL Teaching did not have an automatic code written into their blogs that let subscribers know that a new post had been made live. Looking at their help files, I only found this:

Currently, the [platform name removed] Blog does not have a feature which sends automated emails to your subscribers when you publish a new blog post.
We are always working to update and improve our products, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.
If this is a feature you would like to see in the future, please click Vote for this feature and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

What? What good is a blogging site if there is no “feature which sends automated emails to your subscribers when you publish a new blog post”? Now, despite really liking the site (I was all ready to move another of my WordPress blogs to that site because of all the cool features and flexibility in creating smooth pages), the lack of this particular feature just turned me off and I decided on the spot to move the entire blog over here, to WordPress, where such an important feature is automatic.

I don’t mention the name of the other platform, as I don’t mean to give bad publicity to them, the site is really cool in all other aspects (except a little slow in loading the editor, and a little too modern, I like the old-fashioned WordPress dashboard!). This is just another part of the “why” behind the holes in posting. I am currently moving all the posts over to this new site and will leave a message at the old site directing new folk who might find the link elsewhere to here.

So, that’s the story, kind of buried among all the other posts that are really on topic. Thanks for listening.



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